Argentinian rapper Tiago PZK’s bilingual anthem pays tribute to translators

Portales Tiago PZK album cover
Tiago PZK’s debut album, Portales, was released this summer.


(Warner Music Latina, 2022)

Sometimes Google Translate just won’t cut it. Literal translations are clunky and subtle nuances are lost – not ideal for when you need to step up your foreign language flirting game. WAT’s one-to-watch Tiago PZK released his debut album, Portales, this summer and his stand-out reggaeton banger Traductor (Translator) addresses this precise dilemma.

Alongside collaborator Myke Towers and Argentinian producer Big One (Maria Becerra, Nikki Nicole, Tini), Tiago PZK laments ‘Me dice, “I wanna know you more” pero no logro entenderte’ (‘she says “I wanna know you more” but I can’t understand you’). What do you do? This girl could be your soulmate. ‘Tú keep it real.’ Myke Towers adds. Time to open up the relationship. No, not like that, get your mind out of the gutter. ‘Hablamo’ con el traductor’ – let’s talk to a translator, and unlock a world of possibilities through the power of this linguistic threesome.

The music video sees the duo chatting up girls at a house party, however there’s no interpreter to be seen. No one standing next to them, studiously taking notes to relay back to the interested party. Instead, we are treated to several shots of Myke Towers looking in the fridge. That’s not where you’re going to find the dictionary, my friend.

Anyway, shout out to all the hardworking translators out there enabling international love stories. This one’s for you.

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