From Mariachi to TikTok Pop – Latest Mexican Music Picks

Mexican singer: Salma
Salma: Mal hábito

Discover the hottest new Mexican music releases from the past month with WHAT A TUNE’s top picks. In this edition, we’ve got unsettled dark pop, chilled tropical beats and Day of the Dead-inspired folk. (See bottom of the page for the full Spotify playlist and more great Mexican tunes.)

Sebastián Romero – Abrazaditos

Romero’s warm and melancholy voice accompanied by the soft brushes of the acoustic guitar is humble yet quietly powerful in its emotional intensity. This intimate folk number is an enthralling delight. The 25-year-old Mexican singer songwriter is clearly on a roll as this latest love song is his 15th single this year.

SALMA Mal hábito

“The letter I never sent my ex.” is how TikTok star turned pop sensation Salma summarises her new song. Mal hábito (Bad habit) seems on the surface to be another regular pop banger, but the sparse chorus of shifting deep bass and the voice alone hints at something a little darker. Beneath the catchy hook and jazzy saxophone bridge, there’s an unsettling edge, which makes the song stick more than your average breakup number.


In a recent interview Humbe describes EL POETA as “a song of freedom”, the lyrics chronicle the struggles of song writing, from writing with the angels to falling back down to Earth again. The soaring chorus of choirs and unrestrained emotion feels like cathartic release, breaking away from the smooth circular flow of the verses leading to a celestial euphoria.


Known for his mariachi-meets-reggaeton hit, Tequila, Bautista is carving out a niche for himself as a meeting point between traditional Mexican music and styles like pop and RnB. In Brindo the singer looks back on the past difficult year, accompanied by unhurried corrido style (Mexican folk) guitar strumming. Written during lockdown, he raises a “brindo” (toast) for the hurt of the past and dreams for the future. The soft trumpet interlude half way through is also lovely touch.

YoSoyMatt, French Braids & Eva de Marce AURORA DIJO ADIÓS

This has a very 4am chill out vibe to it. The international collaboration between YoSoyMatt (Mexico), French Braids (US) and Eva de Marce (Spain) layers whispy vocals, rhythmic guitar and raindrops of echoing electronica with hypnotic results. So, what is this tropical house track about? I hear you ask. Well, it sounds lot like she’s singing about paella (listen to around the 2:14 mark especially). Or maybe I’m just hungry…

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