Latest Polish Pop Picks 

Polish pop artists Wiktoria Zwolińska and bryska
New music drops from these rising Polish pop artists. (Left to right) Wiktoria Zwolińska and bryska. (Photos: Magic Records press)

The Polish music scene is thriving and now more than ever new artists are choosing to write in their native language. In the first Picks of the Month of 2023, here’s a taste of what the Polish pop scene has to offer.

Oskar Cyms — Nic Więcej

Poland’s answer to Shawn Mendes had his break on the soundtrack for The Next 365 Days. Cyms’ latest single, Nic Więcej (Nothing More) is a radio-friendly bop about lost love, with a catchy “pa pa” (“bye bye”) in the chorus that easily transcends language barriers.

Wiktoria Zwolińska Tarantino

Wiktoria Zwolińska’s new single pounds forward via thrumming basslines and atmospheric synths, while Wiktoria sings about doomed relationships and the inevitability of destiny. The chorus hook will be familiar to fans of the American director as it draws inspiration from Sinatra’s Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). This is a track to lose yourself on the dance floor or soundtrack a high-speed car chase.

Julia Rocka — Jednoosobowy wyścig 

Tipped by Spotify as part of their ones-to-watch RADAR programme, 23-year-old Julia Rocka has clocked up millions of views on YouTube as well as viral traction on TikTok. Jednoosobowy wyscig is from her debut album, Blaza, released on February 3rd. In the song, the breezy and upbeat rhythm playfully offset the lyrics, which touch on anxiety and the blind pursuit towards a future goal as yet undetermined.

Bovska — Ziemia mi się pali

Bringing together addictive synth hooks and driving percussion, Ziemia mi się pali (My Earth is on fire) pulsates with energy, both urgent and euphoric. The electro-pop track is accompanied by a sparkles-meets-arthouse-noir music video. Bovska elaborates in the video description: “The heroine of this music video is in a wild frenzy, on an eternal journey… This is a story about a strong and independent woman, about courage and freedom above all else.”

bryska to był fajny rok

22-year-old artist bryska appeared on Polish music scene only two years ago but is already topping the charts. Last year, she released her first full length album and featured on the summer hit Samba alongside German band YouNotUs. 2023 sees her release to był fajny rok. Like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day, the relaxed beat and glossy vocal melodies give off a carefree energy that just says “good vibes only.”

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