Love Måneskin? Try These Other Italian Artists

Italian artist Rkomi
Love Måneskin? There’s more where that came from. Rkomi’s album Taxi Driver (2021) topped the Italian charts.

Italian rock band Måneskin shot to fame after winning this year’s Eurovision. Instead of fading into obscurity (as most Eurovision winners do), their successive chart-topping hits and rock ’n’ roll aesthetic have kept them rising to the top. That being said, only listening to Måneskin is merely scratching the surface of Italian music. Here’s a selection of other Italian indie, pop and rock hitmakers you need to know about. (See the end of the article for the Spotify playlist).


The young Milanese rapper released his latest album Taxi Driver (2021) earlier this year and it went straight to number one in Italy. The album features collaborations on nearly track, from the likes of indie artist Tommaso Paradaiso and up-and-coming Gen-Z songwriter Ariete. In short, it’s a who’s who of Italian pop and a good starting point to get immersed in the scene. I’d recommend listening to the whole album, but personal highlights are the Weeknd-influenced SOLO CON ME (ft. Tommy Dali) (Alone with Me) and the pop rock number NUOVO RANGE (ft. Sfera Ebbasta) (New Range).


The four-piece band have been generating hype on the festival circuits for the past few years ahead of the release of their debut album, Tutto Qui (release date TBC). LA VALUTAZIONE (The Evaluation), released last year, is a standout hit. It’s a perfect pop rock track, opening with punchy guitars and rolling bass lines, exploding into a fiery chorus driven by lead singer Martina Greppi.


Coez (real name Silvano Albanese) has been releasing music since 2009. His first big hit Nella Casa (In The House) – a dark rap track showing off his knack for a smooth flow – placed him firmly among the big players of Italian hip-hop. His newer material shifts towards a pop and rap crossover. In his latest single Come nelle canzione (Like in the songs), Coez mournfully sings over a reverberant instrumental with honest and unfiltered lyrics about the struggles of relationship expectations vs. reality.


Chiamamifaro is the brain child of singer Angelica Gori and guitarist Alessandro Belotti. They first met in school and their musical project Chiamamifaro translates to ‘Call me Lighthouse’. In a recent interview, they explained that music lights the way to their own safe place, just like the beacon of the lighthouse. Their debut single Pasta Rosso is wistful indie pop number and Gori’s distinctive and warm voice lends extra emotional power.


After playing in various bands for several years, the Ferrara-based singer-songwriter has just launched his new solo project, Limoni (meaning ‘lemons’). The emerging talent began releasing this year; a total six singles to date. The singer’s sound squeezes out the best of synth pop, punk and rock into new instantly likeable songs. Spremuta is great, with grungy guitars, ringing synths and a dance-floor ready chorus. Limoni is definitely one to watch.

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