Not just Tango! Best new music from Argentina 2021

Singer Maria Becerra photo
Maria Becerra, Tiago PZK: CAZAME, released June 2021.

Every month WHAT A TUNE picks the best new music from around the world. This month we’ve got sad indie pop, angry trap metal and a healthy dose of reggaeton. (See the bottom of the page for the full playlist.)

Axel Fiks Vengan a Casa Hoy

This is the first single off the 23-year-old’s upcoming album and it feels very in tune with today’s era of self-isolation. The music video sees Axel alone in a 70s-era room lying sadly on the floor mournfully singing “Me siento solo, vengan a casa hoy” (trans. I feel alone, come home today’). For a premium listening experience, I would also recommend lying sadly on the floor. It’s hazy and nostalgic with charming air to it.

Cazzu, Justin Quiles Dime Dónde

Queen of the Latin trap scene, Cazzu is effortlessly cool delivering a catchy hook over a reggaeton beat. In this summer anthem, she collaborates with Puerto Rican singer Justin Quiles and the playful back and forth sharing the chorus between them only serves to increase the temperature.

WOS Que se Mejoren

Que Se Mejoren (Get Better) explodes out of lockdown with a rebellious and unhinged energy. Over a Rage Against the Machine-inspired hard rock instrumental, the lyrics don’t hold back on denouncing everything from social media addiction to government corruption in Argentina “Matarían a un hermano por ser tapa de revista” (trans. “They would kill a brother for a magazine cover”.)

Maria Becerra, Tiago PZK – CAZAME

CAZAME (HUNT ME) has already clocked up 15 million views since it’s release a mere few weeks ago and this reggaeton banger cements Maria Becerra and Tiago PZK as the new Gen-Z superstars of Latin pop. Maria’s smooth and sultry vocals paired with deep bass and timeless groove make this a sure fire summer hit.

Carolina Donati ft. Jazmin Esquivel Culpable

The talented singer-songwriter Carolina Donati has teamed up with fellow Buenos Aires artist Jazmin Esquivel for this new track taken from the unsigned singer’s second album Arde. Indie pop at its finest, Cupable (trans. Guilty) features an atmospheric and dreamy production, awash with hazy guitars and droning synth.

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