¡Qué temazo! Best new Spanish Pop to have on your radar

Spanish singer Álvaro Soler
Álvaro Soler © Christoph Köstlin

Every month WHAT A TUNE picks the best new music to listen to from around the world. This month we’re in Spain for some flamenco and Catalonian tropical pop. (See the bottom of the page for the full playlist.)

Nya de la Rubia ft. Barroso – Fuego

First to Seville, where actress turned singer Nya de la Rubia brings us Flamenco guitar and quivering vocals, crossed with an urban beat that drops in and out. Ultimately, it’s the variety and genre-fluidity that keeps this song interesting. Reggaeton singer Barroso contributes an only semi-convincing chorus, but the song keeps pushing forward and there’s an abrupt mood shift to a trap-style dark bass in the bridge when Nya switches to rap.

Lighting fires in scrap yards – Nya de La Rubia ft. Barroso, Fuego

Samuraï – Tirando Balas

Now to Madrid, the energetic and angsty Tirando Balas (Shooting Bullets) is about falling out of love. It’s got all the makings of a well-crafted indie pop song with a snappy bass and poignant lyrics paired with foot-tapping melody.

Unhinged and energetic – Samuraï, Tirando Balas

IZARO – Oso Blanco

The latest single from IZARO’s album Limones en Invierno is about the unfulfilled hopes and aspirations of 2020. It has an open and dreamy pop sound and the lyrics are tinged with nostalgia “La vida es un maravilloso y espléndido recuerdo del pasado” (trans. “Life is a wonderful and splendid memory of the past”).

A good outfit is always a mood booster – IZARO, Oso Blanco

Suu, Carlos Sadness – Barcelona Tropical

Picture the scene, the sun sits low in the sky and you’re relaxing in a bar holding a cool alcoholic beverage. Life is good. This is the audio equivalent. Sung in Catalan, Barcelona Tropical has a warm summery feel, it’s mellow and laid-back with a pulsing bass and light guitar reminiscent of Lost Frequencies.

Bringing the carefree summer atmosphere – Suu, Carlos Sadness, Barcelona Tropical

Álvaro Soler – Si Te Vas

The second single from the Spanish-German singer’s upcoming album Magia is slightly more low-key than previous releases such as the summer anthems Sofia and La Cintura but it still keeps his signature style of Latin beats and folk-pop guitar in this song about insecurity in a relationship.

Our eyes are blessed with not just one, but two Àlvaro Solers in this video, Si Te Vas

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