Producer Eljoee and Lebanese Singer Bashaar al Jawad Team Up for Sizzling Raï Hit 

Lebanese singer Bashaar al Jawad
Lebanese singer Bashaar al Jawad (Photo: Universal Music MENA)

TUNE OF THE WEEK: bailamos (Bashaar Al Jawad ft. Eljoee)

(universal music mena, 2023)

Bailamos is the new single from Algerian super producer Eljoee and Lebanese popstar Bashaar al Jawad. Written by Chawki Khelwiest in a mix of Spanish and Arabic, it describes how real love is different to the glossed-over version we see in films. 

It’s an instant hit blending contemporary Latin pop and traditional Algerian Raï music. Eljoee’s skilful production blends the traditional instruments of Raï music; guitar, piano and the gasba (Algerian flute), alongside flamenco clapping and deep house beats.

Speaking to WHAT A TUNE, Eljoee says: “The process was fluid and very fun with Bashaar Al Jawad, we were impressed by his performance, and how he nailed the Algerian accent [necessary to perform traditional Raï music] because it’s very different and hard.”

“With this collaboration, I want to promote Algerian Raï music to the world. We’re excited to see people’s reactions and feedback!”

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