Rubim De Toledo Draws on His Brazilian Roots in Jazzy New Record

TUNE OF THE WEEK: Rhythm Chante (Rubim de Toledo, Karimah)

(Bottom Dweller Music, 2023)

Bassist, composer, and bandleader Rubim De Toledo has just released his new record The Drip. 

The Brazilian-Canadian musician is a fixture of the local jazz scene and winner multiple Western Canadian Music Awards (Jazz Artist of the Year 2018, Instrumental Artist of the Year 2021).

Compared to 2020’s funk-laden album The Dig, Toledo’s new record takes a road trip down to South America, drawing on sounds from Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean and Afrobeat.

The stand out track is Rhythm Chante, a bilingual bop sung in French and English. Think funky bass lines, infectious cowbell rhythms and big brass hooks, complimented by vocals from the Edmonton-based singer Karimah. 

Speaking to WHAT A TUNE, Toledo says: 

“The song is a celebration of sorts, of rhythm, of singing, of performing. Coming out of COVID, being back on stage and performing for people and having people dance and move, being able to celebrate music together. It’s influenced by Brazilian Axé music, afrobeat music, Caribbean music, all the types of music that bring joy and invoke celebration and hopefully inspires others.”

Listen to The Drip below.

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