New Chilean Electronica and Dance Music

Chilean electronica artist Rubio
Chilean electronica artist Rubio (Photo: Rocio Mascayano)

It’s summer. The time of year to make poor life choices because nothing matters when the sun is out. Start drinking at midday! Lose all your earthly possessions at a festival! Get into a situationship and label it a summer romance! 

Whether you are raving in a field, a sweaty basement club, or sitting in the office on a Tuesday afternoon, it’s always 3am somewhere, right? Bring the heat with these Chilean electronica and dance tracks direct from Santiago.

Rubio – Tu Olor

Rubio’s latest single is intoxicating. In Tu Olor (Your Scent) the dark bass line threads its way between distorted voices and experimental electronica. Meanwhile, the quivering vocal melody in the verse has a distinct flamenco flavour. Obsessed. Fans of the show Élite may recognise the Chilean electronica producer’s other track Hacia El Fondo from the TV series.

Ana Tijoux – Ninx

Ninx (Child) drives forward with urgent energy via insistent melodic hooks and a call to action to take control of your own life. This song is born as a manifesto to the child we all have inside of us. That living being that is capable of dreaming and building infinite castles of humanity and love.” The hip-hop artist Ana Tijoux said in a statement. The release comes alongside the announcement of the French-Chilean artist’s forthcoming album, Vida – her first in nine years.


This is a queer pop anthem perfect for crying and/or letting loose on the dance floor after one too many tequila shots. “Qué vas a hacer sin mi amor?” (“What will you do without my love?”) wonders Alex Anwandter over pulsing electronic beats, “Como pude hacerte feliz” (“I could’ve made you happy”). It comes from his latest album El diablo en el cuerpo, which includes collaborations with Buscabulla (who featured on Bad Bunny’s Andrea), Julieta Venegas and Javiera Mena.

Pahua, Paz Court – Flor de Jazmin

Mexican DJ Pahua teams up with Chilean singer Paz Court for the ethereal Flor de Jazmin (Jasmine Flower), melding trumpets, guitars, and folkloric dance beats. The lyrics centre on personal strength through adversity, and the sacred daily ritual of applying jasmine flower perfume. Pahua’s debut album, Habita, was released at the end of June.

Divina – SOULFIA

25-year-old Sofía Walker, aka SOULFLIA, released her debut album in September and picked up Best Urban Music Artist award at this year’s Chilean Music Pulsar Awards. Her new track Divina oozes self-confidence and sass. You know when you’re on your way to a party and your whole outfit is on point? Stick this tune on in your earphones while you walk to match the vibe. By all means lip sync “No puedo evitar ser divina” (“I can’t help being divine”) but don’t get so carried away you start winking at strangers in the street. People will think you’re weird. Trust me.

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