The Story Behind the Biggest Song in Latin Music Right Now

Los Del Espacio
Los Del Espacio (Photo: Warner Music)

TUNE OF THE WEEK: LOS DEL ESPACIO (Lit Killah, Duki, Emilia, Tiago PZK, FMK, Rusherking, María Becerra, Big One)

(Warner Music Latina, 2023)

It’s 2020, Buenos Aires and a group of eight decide to move in to a house together to ride out the Covid-19 lockdown.

This group is none other than the country’s most-sought after artists: Lit Killah, Duki, Emilia, Tiago PZK, FMK, Rusherking, María Becerra and producer Big One. What a lineup.

The result? The song of the summer in the Spanish-speaking world.

In an interview with Vice for a forthcoming documentary, Lit Killah talks about their friendship: “We’re getting together to eat, we’re getting together to play PlayStation, it seems like we’re doing everything but making music. Why don’t we make music and please people?”

With over 100 million streams since its release in June, Los Del Espacio is a poppy summer anthem about partying. Everyone is having a good time; Maria Becerra declares herself the CEO of twerking, Tiago PZK is lighting up a blunt, while Duki is busy studying that booty “como para una tesi” – like it’s his dissertation. 

To commemorate their time in the house share FMK, María Becerra, Rusherking and Tiago PZK all got matching tattoos and the group still all have a Whatsapp group together.

From Bizarrap breaking world records to mega collaborations like Los Del Espacio or last year’s Entre Nosotros, Argentina’s new wave of urban pop artists are ruling the Latin music scene, and the community only looks to be getting stronger.

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