RAHEL’s New Music Offers a Nuanced Take on Modern Dating

Austrian singer RAHEL
Rising Austrian artist RAHEL released her latest music in November (Photo: Daria Savytska)

TUNE OF THE WEEK: bitte nicht in blicken / zum tag des Barsches (RAHEL)

(INK MUSIC, 2024)

“I wanted to talk about female self-determination.”

Austrian artist RAHEL has gifted us two new singles, bitte nicht in blicken (please don’t stare) and zum tag des barsches (this is a little more tricky, barsches in German can translate to ‘brusque’ or ‘abrupt’, or perch, as in the species of fish, so the title could mean, the day of perch, something which left German magazine Diffus rather puzzled.)

Released in November, the tracks come as a pair and centre on complex feelings around intimacy. 

Track bitte nicht in blicken is about having a casual one-night fling. Thrashing guitars and driving rhythms give the track a dream punk sensibility and carefree energy.

“Halt meine Haare, Doch nicht die Hand” (“Hold my hair, But not my hand”). She sings joyfully.

Speaking to WHAT A TUNE, the Hochsommer singer explained that navigating the minefield of modern dating culture against the backdrop of a patriarchal society inspired her recent music.

“I could easily write another 500 songs about these topics…” She added.

“…bitte nicht in blicken is about female independence. She decides to keep things casual and is just interested in satisfying her own needs.”

On the other track, zum tag des barsches, the artist expresses a more vulnerable side over hazy electric guitars and drums.

“[It’s about] how hard it can be to tear down your walls and try opening up to someone, to fully trust them, when you have always focused on not getting hurt.”

RAHEL is currently on tour, and speaking to WAT about her plans for the new year, she also teased new music on the way.

“I’m working with new producers and I’m also in the studio with other musicians… Stay tuned.”

With thanks to Fabian Schomerus for additional translations on this piece.

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