This Afrikaans Pop Track Is a Guaranteed Floor Filler

Kurt Darren album cover
One song just kept coming back… Cheesy, and yet, an irresistible earworm. ‘Kaptein’ from Afrikaans pop singer Kurt Darren.

TUNE OF THE WEEK: Kaptein (span die seile) (Kurt darren)

(SME Africa (pty) Ltd, 2008)

I first heard Kaptein a few months ago. Tune. I thought, and filed it away in a playlist. Onto the next.

Over the following weeks and months, Tune of the Week rattled on.

For this week’s TOTW, I had a few options in mind.

Perhaps Salvaje, the new single from WAT’s favourite Nathy Peluso. Perhaps a cherry-picked number from the recently discovered Chassol’s Indiamore album (a real hidden gem). Or better still, this 1970s Brazilian funk tune (thanks to Jayda G on her 6 Music show for bringing it back into my regular rotation.)

And yet. One song kept coming back. An unstoppable force, sailing over the horizon of my consciousness as I looked at the blinking cursor on my screen. Simple, cheesy, and yet, an irresistible earworm.


Afrikaans pop singer Kurt Darren released Kaptein (Span Die Seile) (Captain (Man The Sails)) back in 2008. The song was a chart-topper and picked up several awards in his native country of South Africa.

And what is this iconic pop anthem about? I hear you ask.

A cursory glance at various translations reveals a thought-provoking tale of a man at sea contemplating the merits and pitfalls of a neoliberal society.

Just kidding.

Our protagonist is fantasising about an island full of women in bikinis. “En dit was ver te veel vir my,” (“It was far too much for me,”) he concedes, preferring to focus on just one dream woman. “Daar oor die horison wag sy vir my… Kaptein, sy is myne.” (“Over the horizon, she waits for me…Captain, she’s mine.”)

Right… Regardless this is still a huge tune you won’t want to miss out on.

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